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Regulations of Center of Medical Simulation of the Medical University of Bialystok

  1. These Classes Regulations, hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”, determine the rules for the implementation of classes at the Center of Medical Simulation (hereinafter referred to as the CSM) applicable to academic teachers, students and CSM employees.
  2. The CSM Regulations are compliant with the First Degree and Second Degree Studies and the Uniform Master’s Studies of the Medical University of Bialystok.
  3. Apart from the CSM Regulations, students shall also observe the teaching rules of the unit posted on the notice board of the relevant didactic unit and published on the website of the unit.
  4. Classes are held according to the CSM work schedule set by the head of the CSM in agreement with the Dean’s Office and Assistants responsible for didactics in the individual Didactic Units of the University.
  5. The decision of assigning simulation laboratories to classes in a particular field is taken by the head of the CSM.
  6. The condition for conducting classes at the CSM is student’s written consent for audio-video documenting of the course of the classes. This documentation remains an internal documentation of the CSM and the unit conducting classes and serves the implementation of the debriefing assumptions (discussion of activities).
  7. Before starting the class, personal belongings should be left in the student’s locker room.
  8. The student is responsible for his own personal belongings. The CSM employees are not responsible for the loss or destruction of the above.
  9. During all classes held in the building of CSM, shoes are changed (soft, comfortable sports footwear) as well as overalls or uniforms are used.
  10. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, use tobacco products and electronic cigarettes in the CSM.
  11. In the lobby and communication areas, it is necessary to maintain peace and personal culture.
  12. During classes at the CSM, each student should have an ID with their first and last name, year of study and the name of the field of study.
  13. During classes in the CSM laboratories, it is unacceptable for students to use electronic equipment without the consent of the teacher (cell phones, notebooks, audio equipment, etc.).
  14. During the seminars and exercises, taking pictures, recording sound and/or filming without the consent of the teacher is prohibited.
  15. Audio-video documentation of the course of classes may be used for scientific purposes and publications with the anonymity of the students.
  16. Publicizing the image of academic teachers and students (identifiable) during classes is possible with students consent.
  17. During classes at the CSM, students remain under the care of academic teachers conducting classes.
  18. Students may only stay in CSM didactic laboratories in the presence of an academic teacher or simulation instructor/technician.
  19. Students are not allowed to stay in control rooms, except for the situations provided for in the simulation scenarios.
  20. In the CSM laboratories there is a prohibition of consuming beverages and meals.
  21. The student is obliged to read and follow the health and safety as well as fire safety regulations.
  22. The academic teacher is responsible for the order in the CSM laboratories.
  23. The teacher is obliged to inform the simulation instructors/technicians about the necessary equipment to conduct the simulation at least the day before the planned beginning of classes.
  24. In case of damage to the teaching equipment, the academic teacher conducting the classes is obliged to immediately report the fact to the simulation instructor/technician.
  25. For the equipment damaged due to improper use, the academic teacher at whom the equipment was damaged is responsible.
  26. In case of the event from point 25 the academic teacher will be required to cover all costs related to the repair or replacement of the equipment.
  27. The student is obliged to immediately inform the academic teacher conducting classes about any accident taking place during classes.

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